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Since 1992, Mehtab Internationalis making sportswear a wide range of Fitness Wear in accordance with the specifications of our clients & on a part with the highest international standards. Quality has always been our striving force. Mehtab International is a traditional family owned business placed in Sialkot city,  the heart of Pakistan export industry, entrusted to generation in the form of prime quality oriented organization has been involved in the manufacturing go prime quality products ranging from sportswear to Boxing Gear.

 For Mehtab International, the customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. We have put together a team of dedicated and motivated professionals who are always pushing their limits to attain this goal. Mehtab International provides it's customers with superior service, innovative design and cutting edge quality. Quality is an open end occurrence and our R&D department is in continuous pursue to make sure that our valued customers get most out of their spendings. 


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